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I'm a wood carving, leather working, candle making, guitar playing, hermit with a plan to write a book, buy NASA's soon to be decommissioned space fleet, appoint myself the King of the Moon, mine the asteroid belt, and save the world... You just hide and watch. Not brag, just fact. ~W~

Be sure to check out the other Free web pages, this is links to real free web pages we have set up. (Because, what can you tell from a description?)
Have fun.
Peace out.
Neil De Jour

I did not know we had this box.

Hi everyone. I would like to thank my wife for turning me on to this free web page provider.

She is a cancer surviving, disabled writer who just graduated with high honors who has decided that  together We the People can change the world anonymously. She has a blog and great photos along with the link that provides her health products she swears by.

Welcome one and all to the Astute-Paradox Free Web Page Web Ring. My name is ~W~ Neil. My wife, The Enigma and I are building the Astute-Paradox Free Webpage Webring, a directory of the free webpages and social networks so our friends and visitors can see samples of what the providers have to offer and make an informed choice. My wife's site is http:// to-error-is-human.spaces.live.com She is a cancer surviving, disabled writer who just graduated with high honors who has decided that together "We the People" can change the world. She has a blog and great photos along with the link that provides her health products she swears by.

RECENT UPDATE: The wife is now ready to graduate with distinction from the university with a triple concentration B.S. in Business Administration. She has focused on business analysis in respect to technology firms. She is a writer. She majored/concentrated in Marketing, Leadership, Organization and Management and International Business. She studied both business communications and business psychology along with analytics. Demographic and trend analysis are her specialties. She is versed in diversity training issues including gender communication and establishing business cultures. I perform beta testing, electronics hardware development and A.I. psychological and philosophical training. She is also a great photographer and painter. She can sketch you or your pets portrait in watercolor pencil from sent photo on commission. We woodwork and leathercraft. We both make jewelry.

Some of our work is available for view or purchase @ http://astuteparadox.deviantart.com then browse the gallery and view the photos for examples of pets, portraits and some staffs. Catalog photos of other work will be up on other sites as available.

We will begin posting soon. Thank you for your patience.

So far we have over fifty spaces with more being added almost daily. For the most current list see: http://astute-paradox.spaces.live.com

Thanks. Peace Out!
Neil De Jour

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