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#OregonStandOff #ThisIsNotYourLand Welcome to the Next American Revelation.. NAR.

You saw it here first. Cash flowed to Clinton.

FBI worked as Clinton's mercenaries. Busted:

Clinton Foundation told IRS it got no donations from foreign governments for three years . The Land Grabbing Feds. blm-seizing-116-miles-ranchers-land-moving-texas-oklahoma-border

The failure of congress to challange Clinton's executive orders. The amount of land involved. blm-burns-land-unsupervised-burn-ranchers-home-and-cattle-alive-video

Mr. Ivory, a business lawyer from suburban Salt Lake City, does not fit the profile of a sun-scoured sagebrush rebel. But he is part of a growing Republican-led movement pushing the federal government to hand over to the states millions of acres of Western public lands — as well as their rich stores of coal, timber and grazing grass. “It’s like having your hands on the lever of a modern-day Louisiana Purchase, Texas rancher wins 30 year law suite. Blowing the horns. Leader warns. Special Ops called in. defense-official-warns-that-dod-directive-allowing-the-use-of-military-force-against-american-citizens. By there own words, "protest leaders to a community meeting in John Day." They were ambushed "

A roadblock forced him into a snow bank." Then a man who felt betrayed was killed by our government. Never trust the government. FBI Orders Media to IMMEDIATELY Leave Oregon Militia Standoff Area… Here’s Why Special Agent in Charge of Oregon Occupation Greg Bretzing Linked to National Security Breach, Fraud and Corruption in Salt Lake City Lavoy shot. Rancher's lives matter. Obituary for Robert LaVoy. Victoria Sharp's Original Recorded Audio Account of LaVoy Finicum Being Shot

We have all had a jacket like this, can you put a 9 mm in the pocket? The feds said that is where his was. Inlarged video of LeVoy getting shot. Complete Unedited Video.

It is easy to see that the mans hands were up, he may have slipped on the snow but his hands were up and Every time that any thing needed to be seen the camera went behind the trees. Why? He was shot in the back. Why was the drone kept behind the trees? This looks like it was edited. first the date / time is wrong.

1) They said it is because drones use GMT time. I know people that have drones and they say BS.

2) the camera angle changes too fast in places.

3) edited or not the camera was put behind the trees when ever action was going on, way too often. Just to name a few of the problems. The feds told them they would be allowed to attend a safety meting with the community then ambushed them.

Know that your government and all of their people are allowed to lie to us. All of them from the Pres on down.

The towns people protesting. makeshift-memorial-springs-up-on-oregon-highway-for-rancher malheur-occupier-says-they-have-booby-traps-near-camp/ burns-oregon-standoff-bundy-militia-news-updates/cliven-bundy-calls-for-refuge-occupation-to-continue/ refuge-occupiers-deny-bundy-request-to-stand-down us-oregon-militia-protests. burns-oregon-standoff-bundy-militia-news-updates/prosecutors-bring-sealed-indictment-in-bundy-case/ arrested-oregon-militiamen-criminal-histories-malheur-refuge-occupation. Oregon_standoff_four_holdouts_say_fight_is_going_to_keep_going. Last man standing David Fry. militia_group_backs_down. law-enforcement-accused-of-cover-up-in-shooting-of-oregon-occupier. Whare do they go? malheur-occupier-arrested-unrelated-warrant cliven-bundy-expected-in-court-da-releases-booking-photo charges-released-against-cliven-bundy Why worry?

What others have said. California gas leak.

Robert F. Kennedy is hard to listen to but this is some of the land this is about. This gas would not smell like rotten eggs unless we had let them put it into the ground in the first place. Guess what? It did not stay put. Protect the Mustanges. Un sorted links. Defend your base. clinton-my-supporters-are-being-harassed!/articles/4/essays/126/property-clause

"The issue was about the federal government’s claim of Western lands. Altogether the US federal government claims up to one-third or more of the entire US, mostly in the West. There is no constitutional provision for federal land ownership and many federal claims are disputed by local residents. The Bureau of Land Management is the culprit in the depredations and illegal takeovers in the West. The tensions are heightened by a suspicion that various United Nations programs are being implemented by the BLM, which is seen as an enforcing UN mandates to clear out the population from the Western half of the US in order to return the land to the “wild” – while exploiting underground commodity resources for a variety of corrupt, private interests, many overseas. The BLM is viewed by many as one of the more corrupt institutions of the federal government, though US citizens generally view the federal government as deeply corrupt."

So much of this information is related. The Oregon stand off was people trying to make people aware of some very bad things to our environment and the people. It seems like they don't like us. Crap. This information was what we were after. That was proof of a lot of bad stuff.

The best thing we can do for them, and our self's is to get the word out to as many people as we can and help them to understand that this is bigger than a few nut jobs protesting. This is about the government over reaching like nothing we ever saw on TV. The land is all but gone already. It is to the point that I don't want to say too much in the clear but look over the links I have shared and I am sure you will see a pattern. They have taken the land and turned it into a toxic waste dump. Partly for corporate and personal greed and partly so that the population can not live on the land of out grand fathers if we had to. Thank you all for any help. At this time networking this information out to as many people as we can is critical.

From AMERICASFREEDOMFIGHTERS.COM To support protesters who were at Malhuer. CALL NUMBERS — – US District Attorney Portland: 503-727-1000 – Multnomah Sheriff Admin office: 503-988-4300 – Opt 0 – OSP NW HQ: 1-503-378-3387 – Opt 0 – Portland FBI: 503 224 4181 – Opt 0 – Multnomah Sheriff – Detention: 1-503-988-3689 – Opt 0 – Multnomah Sheriff – PIO pager: 1-503-271-0226 – Multnomah County Jail: 1-503-243-7600 – US Marshall’s Oregon: 503-326-2209 – US District Court – Portland: 1-503-326-8000 Thank you all. This is too big of a thing for people not to know what is going on. I am trying to put it all on one page but WordPress is hard and the story is still getting bigger. The amount of land involved is vast. The things being done on it are crazy. Some of this scares me but I know the only safe thing for me to do is be sure everyone knows what Is going on so there is no reason for them to come after me. I do thank you all for your help. This is real.

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